Do you know where this is?

I’m going to describe a place in Norway, so unknown it’s almost a secret that it exists. I’ll be really impressed if you know which place I’m writing about!

This place has a list of, not 1, but, wait for it,wait for it, 12 famous people! I guess I should write 12 “famous” people, because I’ve never heard of any of them. One of them is in Guiness’ World Records for *drumroll* the world’s largest waffle! Now you of course know where I’m talking about, right? Haha, I’ll help you some more.

The population is only 5 128, and these “lucky” people, they are by the way called “odølinger”, got 508km² where they can live their lives together, with a lot of farm animals of course.

I don’t have more time to tell you about this nice place, so you’ll just have to try to find out where it is 🙂


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