In Search of Matisse

Our class visited the Henie Onstad Centre and saw an exhibition called “In Search of Matisse”. The focus of the exhibition wasn’t Matisse’s art itself, but about the journey a piece of art experience. In 2012 the Henie Onstad Centre got a letter and a phone call that told them one of the paintings they had, which was made by Matisse, was “stolen art”. This new information made them look through the ownership history of all the artwork the they owned. During the investigation of all the artwork they found a lot of interesting facts about how paintings and other pieces of art change ownership and travels around the world which resulted in the exhibition we visited.

We were told a lot of interesting, and some not-so-interesting, facts during our visit, but I think I would have gotten more out of it if I had known some more about Matisse’s art snd the exhibition before we went there. I also think I would have enjoyed the exhibition a little more if we stopped to look and think about the art in between all the talking from the guide, because it was very much information on a pretty short time.


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