If you could only see the beauty that comes from the ashes

There is beauty in everything if you look close enough. Even a person without limbs is worth an applause instead of being pointed and laughed at. In the film “the Butterfly Circus”, which takes place during The Great Depression, we get to see a circus out of the normal. In a time where “freak shows” were usual, the Butterfly Circus embrace the “freaks” and gives them the opportunity to shine rather than being someone others look down at.

In the beginning Will is a part of a freak show where people just watch him to feel better about themselves. He is presented as a man even God has turned his back on, and he almost believes it himself. He is treated without respect, the director even laughs when some kids throw tomatoes at him. Everything changes when he escapes the circus he worked at to join the Butterfly Circus where they push him to discover his abilities rather than his disabilities. At the Butterfly Circus Will finds out that he can do things he didn’t believe he could, such as swimming.




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