Global challenges, geoengineering

Written with Ida and Elise

Despite the fact the climate change has been a known problem for over the last 50 years we continue to ignore the situation the worlds population is faced with today. The situation today is even worse than what earlier models on global warming predicted. Some people believe that geoengineering might be a helpful tool which we can use to slow down global warming, and lessen the consequences.

There are two types of geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). Solar Radiation Management is a method where they, by causing the earth to absorb less solar radiation, offset the affect of greenhouse gases. There are three different versions of this method. Albedo enchantment, space reflectors and stratospheric aerosols.  These methods work by using reflections, either by blocking sunlight from moving further into the atmosphere, or by increasing the reflectiveness of clouds. Carbon Dioxide Removal in the literally term is to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. There are seven different ways which we can use to accomplish this.

By cooperating through international climate agreements, the whole world works together as a unit to lessen, or to completely stop the effects of global warming. There have been several different aggreements between countries in an effort to lessen the amount of greenhouse gasses released into the earth atmosphere. There is no denying that most of the countries in our world wants to lessen global warming. The problem is that no one wants to step up and be the first to do so. Every world leader is waiting for someone else to step up and do it for them. Some countries even pay large amounts of money so that they are allowed to realease more greenhouse gasses than originally agreed. This is not the way to stop global warming.



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