Redemption Day

How is it possible for one person to make a significant difference in people’s lives? Many people have done this in different ways and also many people have given up and failed. Erin Brockovich is one that succeeded and in the movie “Erin Brockovich” we get to see how she did it.

Some people plan their whole life and dream about the day when they make a difference, when they give someone a better life. Life isn’t possible to plan, all the small coincidences you experience will together form your life and the outcome. I don’t think Erin Brockovich pictured her life changing achievement to begin with being hit by a car as an almost broke, unemployed single mother of three, but it did. The car accident was the reason she first met the lawyer that later, out of pity,  gave her the job at the law firm that she asked for. She probably wouldn’t have asked for or taken the job if she wasn’t as desperate as she was.

I think if you want to make a difference the key is to actually care. Erin saw the people she talked to as human beings and not just clients, she didn’t think profit as many lawyers would’ve done. She actually wanted to help the people she met and did sacrifices in her own personal life to help these people. Another important factor is being able to not give up. The case against PG&E would probably never been if it wasn’t for Erin’s stubbornness and persuasiveness. She convinced both the residents in Hinkley and the law firm she worked for to go against PG&E.

Erin Brockovich made a significant difference in so many people’s lives by caring about them and working hard. She made PG&E pay 333 million dollars for the water pollution they were guilty for, and lied about, in Hinkley. Although the money couldn’t change the damages already done, it was a redemption. You could almost call the day Erin Brockovich won the case a redemption day.


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